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Terms of Use of the Online Top-up Service
NOVA TELECOMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA SINGLE MEMBER S.A. (hereinafter "NOVA S.M.S.A.") provides the service of purchasing € balance and/or a combination of services (hereinafter Balance), through the website and the corresponding mobile application, to FREE2GO prepaid subscribers (hereinafter Service). In particular, the users of the Service (hereinafter the Users or the User) may respectively renew the Balance of active FREE2GO prepaid connections, whether or not they themselves are subscribers to the above connections. It is expressly stated that users are solely responsible for the connection number they declare, as well as that they must have obtained the consent of the subscriber of the connection for which the Balance is being renewed. The terms of use of the Service in no way replace the obligations of the subscribers, as described in the Terms of Use provided by NOVA S.M.S.A. services. All NOVA S.M.S.A. FREE2GO Prepaid subscribers (natural persons, legal entities of a commercial or profit-making nature and natural persons practicing an individual commercial business or self-employed), who have an active mobile phone connection, have the right to use the Service. Exceptions to the right of use may be applied by NOVA S.M.S.A. for reasons of ensuring the privacy of subscribers' personal data, for reasons of avoiding fraudulent activities and in cases of fraud. The use of the Service is governed by these terms and the User is requested to carefully read the terms of use of the Service before using it, and to comply with them throughout its use. NOVA S.M.S.A. considers that the User has taken note of the present terms and conditions as well as the general terms of use of mobile telephony, as they apply from time to time and has accepted them unconditionally. In the event that you do not fully and without any reservation accept all or part of these terms, you are asked not to proceed with the use of the Service. In any case, the use of the Service assumes the unreserved acceptance of the above Terms, as they apply from time to time. It is clarified that the use of the Service is allowed only to adults. In the event that minors use the Service, NOVA S.M.S.A. bears no responsibility. NOVA S.M.S.A. reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, without prior notification to the User, with the sole wording of the update with each new modification or addition and the subsequent publication of this text, duly informing the Users of the Service.
Method of providing Service
Payment is possible using credit, debit and prepaid cards of the International Organizations VISA and MASTERCARD, through the secure systems of the National Bank. In particular, the Service is provided in collaboration with the National Bank, which has a special electronic payment system for this purpose, which guarantees the secure processing of the credit/debit card details used within the Service. It is emphasized that once the user completes the payment process, he cannot cancel it and NOVA S.M.S.A. bears no responsibility towards him or a third party. The purchase of Balance made electronically through the Service is completed in real time, i.e. the purchased Balance is immediately credited to the account of the prepaid mobile number and the subscriber's balance is informed accordingly, subject to the exceptional case of a technical problem that may prevent smooth running of the process. In addition, if the User has registered his email during the purchase process, it is possible to inform him by email about the completion of the process and the amount of the Balance payment - purchase, whether it is a balance in € or a combination of services. After completing the Balance purchase transaction from the Service, the User can view and print the purchase receipt electronically, as long as they maintain a FREE2GO account. It is clarified that the history of purchases - charges displayed in the area of registered FREE2GO users only includes purchases made online. Purchases made through any other channel/by any other means are not included.

For any question regarding the provision of the Service, subscribers can contact the customer service department at 13800 (charge of €0.25 from fixed/mobile Nova or based on the price list of the respective call provider).
Restrictions on the use of the Service
The service is subject to restrictions on the maximum purchase amount and the maximum number of transactions both for the 24-hour period and for the 30-day period in order to ensure the smoothness of the transactions:

During the first 3 months from the first time a user renews online:
the upper daily renewal limit is set at thirty euros (€30) with a maximum of 4 transactions.
the upper monthly renewal limit is set at fifty euros (€50) with a maximum of 8 transactions.

After 3 months from the first time a user renews online:
the upper daily renewal limit is set at fifty euros (€50) with a maximum of 5 transactions.
the upper monthly renewal limit is set at one hundred and fifty euros (€150) with a maximum of 15 transactions.

The restrictions may be modified at any time and without prior notice.
Security of transactions and personal data
NOVA S.M.S.A. takes technical and organizational measures for the security of data and transactions made via the Internet. The personal data of the users, which are related to the transaction (transaction number, subscriber registration number, payment amount, IP address, telephone number, e-mail), which NOVA S.M.S.A. collects and processes, are minimally necessary for the adequate provision of the service, and are used exclusively for the purpose of receiving, executing and completing the user's transaction consisting of time renewal and in accordance with the provisions of the terms of provision of the relevant telecommunications service. The above data are not announced, nor transmitted to any third party, except for the companies collaborating for the Service and are kept for as long as provided by the applicable legislation. The use of the Service implies, according to the above, the processing of the user's personal data which is based on the execution of the relevant Balance purchase contract. The User must take all appropriate measures to ensure the privacy of his details and is obliged to use the Service as provided by NOVA S.M.S.A. and in accordance with the instructions provided, bearing in mind that the rules of good conduct must also be observed when using this Service. The User also accepts that it is forbidden to attempt to exploit possible security gaps in NOVA S.M.S.A.'s systems. in order to gain access to information of other Users, disrupt the smooth operation of the Service, execute malicious software and generally degrade the security level of the systems. In the event that the User becomes aware of any incident related to the security of his data or transactions, he should contact customer service and report the problem immediately. The User must understand that he is responsible for his every act on the internet and not to use the provided applications in an illegal or unconventional manner. As illegal and non-contractual behavior in violation of the terms and conditions of use of the services, any case of violation of the law and in particular criminal behavior of extortion, libel, defamation, racist treatment, pedophilia, tracking or leaking of confidential information, causing damage, destruction or disruption of any computer software or hardware, etc.
Cancellation and refund
NOVA S.M.S.A. does not accept any request to cancel the transaction and/or refund for Balance purchases made and completed through the Service.
Limitation of liability
NOVA S.M.S.A. is not responsible for any legal or civil and/or criminal claims nor for any damage from website visitors or third parties due to a cause related to the operation or non-operation and/or use of the website and/or failure to provide the Service and/or information available through it and/or from any unauthorized interventions by third parties in the Service.
Fees & VAT
Regardless of the Balance renewal method or value, VAT is included. and 10% mobile phone fee. The above mobile phone fee does not apply to exemption beneficiaries. In addition, for subscribers of non-commercially available FREE2GO prepaid plans. A single administration fee of €0.30 applies per Balance purchase transaction based on the relevant pricelists.